Libya announces ‘transformational’ plan for oil and gas sector

Libya’s National Oil Corp (NOC) has announced its new strategic plan for the oil and gas sector in Libya after contracting with global management consulting firm Kearney.

“We have an ambitious vision to return Libya to the ranks of the world’s foremost energy-producing countries,” noted NOC Chairman Farhat Ben Gdara.

“This requires major changes in the oil and gas sector in Libya and the development of appropriate strategic plans to equip us for the future,” he added.

The company has also announced the creation of the Strategic Programs Office, which will be responsible for implementing this plan and other initiatives, projects and programs, which NOC said will “contribute to the transformation of the oil and gas sector in Libya and ensure it keeps pace with developments in this sector worldwide.”

Libya previously announced the launch of its plan to raise production to 2 million barrels within three to five years, which is one of my core priorities for the NOC.

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