Valves (Forged Steel Gate,
Globe and Check Valves)

As the leading pipe fittings stockist in UAE, our gate valves are energy-efficient and less power is consumed which reduces total ownership costs too. Similarly, globe valves are suited for application in pipelines containing high temperatures and high pressure. In addition, the forged steel material has a sturdy finish. The compact valves can bear high pressure keeping your piping system intact. Available in multiple sizes up to two inches. These compact valves can bear pressure up to class 2500. Available in three materials, Carbon steel, Stainless steel and LTCS.

Valves (Cast Steel Gate, Globe and Check Valves)

We proudly present to you our cast steel gate valve which is commonly used in most piping systems. Very easy to use, this cast steel gate valve has anti-rust quality. It is available in multiple sizes up to 24 inches. This valve can take pressure up to class PN40. It safely connects to flanges. Also, you can protect your pumps with our high-quality check valves which prevent the damage caused by backflow / reverse flow. Available in three types of materials, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and LTCS.

Valves (Ball Valves)

Our ball valves are widely appreciated as they are highly efficient and convenient with low maintenance. Being one of the leading ball Valve suppliers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we highly recommend them. Ball valves are cost-efficient too. They come in four types of designs and are available in various sizes up to 12 inches. Sarsan Oilfields ball valves can be installed in a floating arrangement as well as can be mounted too. These ball valves can take pressure up to class 1500.

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